General Public License for CanaryMod Plugins


NoCheat - Version 0.45

Protect your server from cheaters.

Compatible with CanaryRecode RC-4
Released 22-Aug-2014

Vote Plugin - Version 1.01

Highly customizable vote plugin.

Compatible with CanaryRecode RC-3
Released 25-Oct-2013

SafeTrade Plugin - Version 1.1

Trade with other players without the risk of scam!

Compatible with CanaryRecode RC-2
Released 13-Oct-2013

DailyLoginBonus Plugin - Version 0.9

Reward your players for joining your server.

Compatible with CanaryRecode RC-2 or newer
Released 10-Oct-2013

GiveMeAReason Plugin - Version 1.0

GiveMeAReason will display a message in the chat if a player gets banned or kicked.

Compatible with CanaryRecode RC-2
Released 10-Oct-2013

Blood Moon Plugin - Version 1.0

A Blood Moon is a common, randomly occurring event that takes place over the course of an entire night. Mob spawning increases, mobs are doing more damage, but you will get better loot, like gold nuggets and iron. During a Blood Moon 'The Groom' can spawn. Killing him is the only way to obtain the Top Hat with some special Enchantments. The chance of a Blood Moon is 1 in 10. Since there is no way of turning the sky red, a chat message will display if a Blood Moon occurrs or finishes

Compatible with CanaryRecode RC-2
Released 06-Oct-2013

Elevator Plugin - Version 1.64

With Elevator you can create Elevators, leading to different levels of your house, or to the top of your jungle tree! If enabled, you'll receive a message if an update is available

Compatible with CanaryRecode RC-3
Released 23-Sep-2013

FirstSpawn Plugin - Version 1.1

People joining the first time (who are not in a seperate list) will get teleported to a warp, which can be set in the

Compatible with CanaryRecode RC-1 and higher
Released 20-Sep-2013